Are You Curious About Botox?

Consult our aesthetic professionals about cosmetic Botox in New Bedford, MA

Are you looking for information on cosmetic Botox? Are you inspired by its reputation for restoring more youthful looks? La Vie est Belle is proud to offer this aesthetic treatment to our clients in New Bedford, MA. When you book a service with us, you can trust us to use exceptional skills during your visit.

You can count on us to treat unwanted facial lines, including:

Crow's feet | Forehead lines | Frown lines

You can choose the subtle or dramatic Botox treatment you desire. No matter which results you wish for, we'll create them with cosmetic Botox. Call 774-202-1228 to schedule an appointment with an expert treatment provider now.

How does Botox work?

How does Botox work?

Botox treatment works by reducing underlying muscle movement, which allows the skin to relax. When you get a treatment from us, you can rest assured that we'll inject Botox carefully. We'll target any lines or wrinkles that you want to smooth out. Ask one of our team members how Botox can work for you by contacting us now.