How to Reduce Visible Fat

Find out about CoolSculpting and what it can do for you in New Bedford, MA

You eat well, exercise and look after your health. Regardless, there are still some parts of your body that carry extra fat. You can reduce it with a CoolSculpting treatment at La Vie est Belle in New Bedford, MA.

A CoolSculpting procedure in our office can minimize unwanted fat in places like your:

Chin | Jawline | Arms | Abdomen | Back | Hips | Thighs

Our CoolSculpting can also reduce the appearance of loose tissue, so you won't be left with sagging skin. You'll just notice part of your body feeling slimmer and firmer. Meet with us right away to see how CoolSculpting can achieve the results you want.

Find out how CoolSculpting works

Find out how CoolSculpting works

When we give you a CoolSculpting procedure, we use an FDA-approved, non-invasive technique. We use freezing temperatures to break down your unwanted fat cells, but we don't damage other cells. The damaged fat cells will leave your body over the next few months. Call 774-202-1228 now to arrange for a targeted procedure.