Do You Want to Look More Toned?

Our EMSCULPTing treatment can sculpt your body in New Bedford, MA

Do you think you'd feel more confident about your body with a little more toning? Sometimes, you can't achieve the definition you want in the gym. Sometimes, you need to visit La Vie est Belle in New Bedford, MA.

We can use EMSCULPTing, a method of stimulating your muscles with electromagnetic therapy. When you use this treatment, an EMSCULPT provider will apply a focused treatment to the area you want to tone.

You'll feel results immediately, but they'll continue developing during a series of EMSCULPTing sessions. Use this treatment right away to see confidence-boosting changes in your body in just a few weeks.

Find out where you can use EMSCULPTing

Find out where you can use EMSCULPTing

You can let our EMSCULPT provider apply this treatment wherever you want firmer, more toned muscle. Our clients have especially good results on their abdominal muscles and buttocks. Call 774-202-1228 now to schedule an appointment with an expert EMSCULPT provider.